Students have the right:

  • Learn, work and play in a supportive environment

  • Be heard and be able to express their opinions appropriately

  • Be safe and secure in the school environment

Students have the responsibility to:

  1. Respect their teachers, other staff members, fellow students and parents of the school community.

  2. Stay within the school grounds at all times.

  3. Respect the property of the school premises that St. Andrews Greek Language School hires (failure to do so will result in instant dismissal).

  4. Arrive at school on time.

  5. Attend church services on days specified by the school.

  6. Attend 25th March and 28th October celebrations.

  7. Not use inappropriate language.

  8. Learn to the best of their ability and to allow other students the same opportunity.

  9. Not behave in a way that is offensive and abusive

  10. Not bully, harass or intimidate other students.

  11. Not disrupt school activities.

  12. Complete homework and class tasks to the best of their ability.

  13. Not chew gum in classrooms or on the school premises.

  14. To wear appropriate footwear for Greek dancing which is an integral part of the curriculum.

  15. Not use mobile phones* during class time, unless otherwise specified by the class teacher.

  16. Not bring illegal substances and hazardous equipment to the school

  17. When wearing the school uniform, students must wear the school polo top with A PLAIN BLACK/NAVY MID-LENGTH SKIRT or BLACK/NAVY TROUSERS. School uniform must be worn at all official school events (parelasi, school concerts, church attendance)

* Mobile phones, iPads, Laptops, tablets and other similar devices, if brought to the school are the SOLE responsibility of the student. 

Child Safety

St. Andrews Greek Language School is committed to child safety. The school is compliant with the safety standards required by Ethnic Schools Association Victoria and Community Languages Australia and the staff are provided with ongoing training on all matters of safety. The school has appointed two Child Safe Officers, one from each campus. All teachers and staff, including volunteers, have either a Working With Children's Check or a Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) registrations.

A copy of the Child Safety Policy can be made available upon request. 

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